Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Design Brief

Design Brief Population Pyramids
Population pyramids for many developed countries highlight the reality of an aging population. The inevitability of growing older brings with it many challenges to everyday activities. This calls for new and innovative thinking to enrich the lives of our elderly and ensure facilitation of the emotional, physiological, and social needs that guarantee an independent, dynamic and stimulate life. Reinforcing the link between technology and society: Design and model a device/artefact that will enhance the quality of life for an elderly person.

  • A structured ePortfolio is to be developed using a combination of class wiki pages, social bookmarking software and student blogs

The ePortfolio must contain the following headings:

  1. Design Brief
  2. Analysis of Brief (completed first on class wiki page)
  3. Investigation/ Research (investigation will utilise the internet with the use of social bookmarking software and will be recorded primarily on the class wiki)
  4. Possible Solutions
  5. Working Drawings
  6. Manufacture
  7. Evaluation

The portfolio can contain text, pictures, video, voice recordings or any other medium you wish to include

*This design brief has been adapted from the 2009 PN4005 Design Brief authored by Dr. Niall Seery

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