Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Class Handouts

You can upload your handouts onto the classroom blog. The simplest way of doing it is to upload your handout as a pdf to the blog so that pupils may simply download it and store it on their computer or print off a new one. This means that if pupils misplace handouts or wish to complete them again it will not mean that they need to ask the teacher to photocopy more.

An easy way of uploading your handouts to your blog is to:

  1. Create a free scribd.com account
  2. Upload your handouts to your account
  3. Embed your files into your blog using the embed code provided
The advantage of using scribd instead of a file hosting website is that their the file and be easily read on the blog post and can then be downloaded, a file hosting service does not give you this option.

Below is an example of a handout that has been added to this post as per the directions above

Pedagogic Topic Analysis of Surface Geometry

Adding the tag "Class Handouts" will mean that you can record every handout given to the pupils and also makes them easy to find.

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